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How much does it cost?

This program is offered for FREE!

Why is this program for applicants interested in studying body image, eating disorders, and eating behaviors?

The program founders (Savannah Roberts, Rowan Hunt, and Missy Dreier) primarily have experience applying to labs in the eating disorders field. While our materials will be tailored for individuals applying to eating disorder labs, the information is broadly applicable to individuals applying to PhD programs in Clinical Psychology and will be posted here for anyone to view. For monthly meetings, we are hoping to prioritize the inclusion of individuals interested in studying disordered eating and/or body image, though we estimate having room for everyone!

Will this program be helpful for international students?

The program will be focused on applying to PhD programs in the United States. We will do our best to address the needs of international students and assist them in navigating the application process.

Is the program appropriate for those who aren't applying this round, but want to in the future?

For our monthly meetings, we are hoping to prioritize the inclusion of people applying to PhD programs in the current cycle (due Dec 1, 2023 to begin graduate school in August 2024). However, materials will be freely available to be viewed by individuals at any stage of the application process. Further, as people have found this resource helpful in the past, we hope to continue offering similar meetings in future application cycles.